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22 December 2012 @ 09:56 am
Everybody should read this.

WAIT!!!! You can't read it!

Not until you watch this!!!

(There's only 74 episodes, so it'll only take you about 6 hours. It's really necessary to appreciate the fanfic.)

(I'm even anti-fanfiction of LBD because it's still going and I don't like people guessing what's going to happen because it could ruin what actually does happen and I'm STILL in love with this story.

It turns out that sometimes I can't stop myself from clicking on links, and also sometimes I hit a story at just the right time of month and it's magic for me. This story was magic for me.)

I grinned and read it lots of times and it made me happy. I'm not saying it's fine literature, I'm just saying that I liked it.
31 October 2011 @ 01:44 pm
Last night I wrote a drabble consisting mostly of James and Lily happily bickering before the Halloween feast, but I didn't like having to cut it down to 500 words and there was more I wanted to say. So I expanded it.

Here's to you, Lily and James, for daring to find love and happiness, and for daring to stand for the right at the expense of your lives. Your sacrifice was worth it.

In the face of what they dealt with my story almost seems frivolous and cliched, but I like to think they didn't talk about the War constantly, and in Lily's case something else is certainly on her mind.

Lily Evans was in high spiritsCollapse )
Well, I'm writing away on my favorite character that I like to write when I'm feeling like I'm not clever enough to write him properly, but I thought I'd take a break and complain about Doctor Who for a minute.

I've only seen the new episode twice, so keep that in mindCollapse )
07 January 2011 @ 10:20 am
It's LAS Time Again. Please help vote.

It's pretty cool that I made it to the final four.
09 December 2010 @ 11:03 am
Vote Me Off LAS or vote someone else off. But, you know, this could be your last chance to vote while I'm still in the running. There are six contestants left, four entries, someone's got to go down.
20 November 2010 @ 04:56 pm
Link on MNFF

This is a slightly refurbished version of the fic I turned in to the first round of Harry Potter LAS. Enjoy...?

The Greenhouse HeroCollapse )
Title: Tears of Laughter
A/N: For Last Author Standing, prompt "A Single Tear."

All three of them were rather giggly.Collapse )

Title: Effort to Avoid Effort
A/N: Written for a TTB challenge, prompts sloth and Herbology. It occurs during 3rd year.

You're so smart.Collapse )

Title: Susan Bones and the Galleon that Won't Go Away
A/N: Written for the Dumbledore's Army week of my Missing Moments class.

I can't do this anymore.Collapse )

Title: Barrier
A/N: For the TTB challenge "Back to School" -- this was the winning entry.

I could stay and be a milkman with youCollapse )
31 October 2010 @ 09:18 pm
So hi. I just kind of tied for first in the latest challenge at harrypotter_las?

I mean, it's not a super big deal; as far as tying for first goes I kind of got the fewest votes...and a three-way tie out of 6 entries is pretty sneezable too.

But still. Not bad. Especially since I thought I'd be voted out this round.
13 October 2010 @ 08:14 am
Advance Reviews for Catchphrase

"I liked Catchphrase because I felt it was an interesting and believable fleshing out of a character relationship that had only been mentioned in passing in the original series."

"I could also really see how these two would work together, how Penny could end up falling for Percy despite his flaws. Very cute series of scenes that built up their relationship."

"The author's characterization of Percy was heartwarming, thoroughly believable, and gave a new insight into a generally unliked character. Percy has never been one of my favourite characters, but after reading this fic, I think I've changed my mind."

Now at a MNFF archive near you! Don't miss this landmark event! Read and review today!

Percy meets Penny
08 October 2010 @ 10:14 pm
I thought I might as well post the things I've been writing here, so they can be a little more widely read.

In the following drabble, we were supposed to take a fanfiction cliche and write it believably. I chose "Head Dorm", the idea that Head Boy and Girl have to share a dorm, accelerating whatever relationship they might find themselves finding.

Well, since I'd addressed that previously (see: no-longer-existent "Just . . . Be My Best Friend") I decided I'd brush it up and submit it. The drabbles were anonymously voted on, and I ended up winning. It was very exciting.

Without further ado...
Author's Note: I was more than halfway convinced that if they went back to Hogwarts in book 7, something like this would have happened...Collapse )

More fics soon, once I've gotten them to my liking. Always willing to send them on to another pair of eyes, if anyone's interested.
Below is a poll. I'm trying to decide if the re-insertion of the extra paragraphs is an improvement or not. I don't think you need to read the whole thing to judge these sentences; consider this a teaser!

Please feel free to comment with further opinions.

Option 1Collapse )

Option 2Collapse )

Poll #1628514 Drive-By Feedback

Which one sounds better?

Option 1
Option 2
My Aura: curiouscurious
Once upon a time, I was poking around MNFF (as has become my wont of late) and saw the September Drabble Challenge to write about someone returning to Hogwarts in 1998. I came up with a decent bunny, wrote off about a hundred words, and forgot about it.

Fast-forward to yesterday, when (as is my wont) I was checking to see if someone had written my character yet. Well, they'd mentioned him. He was a good supporting character. I was like, "Shoot. I'd better finish before I accidentally steal some plot points because this is good stuff." So I rattled off the rest of the story and posted it.

Well, today I got a PM from another writer. She'd written like exactly the same story as me. I went and looked; she'd even posted it 3 days ago! How had I missed it? (I'm thinking to blame the forums, which jumps posts around, but 3 days? I must just be really unobservant.) So we both feel self-conscious about stealing the others' character, and it's actually pretty funny that we wrote almost the exact same thing (complete with italicized flashbacks, I'm not even joking).

Now I feel like I need to write another one; the way things stand now the judges can't choose either of ours on the basis of the story (because that's pretty much identical) and the writing isn't that different. So, off I go to try to write another drabble....

Look at me, getting all competitive. I've never so much as placed in a drabble challenge in my life.
02 September 2010 @ 08:15 am
Oh I know you guys want to vote for possibly me again!

The MNFF Monthly Drabble challenge for August was a believable writing of a cliche. I'm sure you can all guess which one's mine, but you can vote for the best one.

Here is where you read them. There's a link to the poll at the end of the thread.

La-ha. Lots of HP going on around here.
01 September 2010 @ 09:28 pm
Guys, feel free to vote in the Harry Potter last author standing competition this round! There are lots of good stories this time and I don't want to be the only one responsible for deciding which one is the best (not mine -- well, it could be, but it won't be for reasons I can't discuss yet).

Voting ends Sunday afternoon so go on over and read some good stories!

Make note of the bad ones too. (Hopefully not mine.)
You guys! Someone totally voted for the story I wrote! And no one voted against it!

I didn't win, but I never expected to. I'm just pleased that someone thought it was good.

I'll be sure to alert you all next time there's a vote. So you can vote for/against me depending on how good my story is.
21 July 2010 @ 12:27 pm
So, I lied when I said I wouldn't write any more DW fanfiction. I wrote some, and I even posted it.

It's rubbish (no joke, it's absolutely rubbish) but oh well. I did it. Next time maybe I'll get a beta.

If you'd like to read it, I posted it for challenge 1 at she_is_to_me and can be found here. (Summary: At the end of an adventure, Amelia would sit at her kitchen table and illustrate what had happened that day, with her box of crayons and her Raggedy Doctor.)

In other news, my severe sunburn has started to blister. It blisters in exactly the place that hurts the most when I try to put my leg down. I hope that they go away soon and I can walk. Because the stupid hopping around I've been doing for the past 3 days is really hard on my right leg.

This whole situation is a fitting tribute to Sarcoma Awareness Week, don't you think?
06 July 2010 @ 07:32 pm
Here are some good Amy/Rory stories I've happened upon recently. Generally spoilers through Big Bang.

Except for this first one...
Handlebars by orange_crushed
Only spoilers through "Amy's Choice". She walks through the halls mostly undetected, and she pretends it is because the Doctor has made her invisible. "Good plan," she whispers into the washroom mirror. She gives her reflection a cool thumbs-up.

Playing Dress Up by professor_spork
Amy, Rory, and the disguises we all wear.

Turning and Turning by eponymous_rose
Rory Williams through the millennia. Things changed. Rory stayed the same

Scenes from [...] by loneraven
Even the title is BigBang!Spoilerific.

I like them. I like these stories. They're kind of what I don't have the talent to write myself.

I hope you enjoy the stories as well.
26 June 2010 @ 08:26 pm
Just watched the new episode.

Spoilers. *smug smirk*Collapse )
22 June 2010 @ 10:04 am
We watched "The Pandorica Opens" last night.

Here are my issues with that.Collapse )
I wrote it down. It's unorganized and some of it might be not quite true. (I'm warning you about the unorganized. It's a total rough draft. I haven't done any edits at all, it's totally stream of consciousness.)

But here's what I've got. I don't know if it can be made into a story, since it's just what I think of Amy's character, and what her interaction with the Doctor when she was a child did to her personality.

So. Let me know what you totally disagree with, what you think should be developed further, what other aspects you think of when reading this rubbish:

Amelia, young ladies keep their tempers no matter the color of their hair.Collapse )

Don't even mind that the apostrophes and quotation marks will be corrupted. I copied this straight from Wordperfect. (<3 Wordperfect.)

But guys! Any of you that have seen Series 5! How is it?? How'd I do?